We are quick and affordable, we have lots of emergency teams available. All you have to do is to call us whenever your car is broke down, flat tire, requires jump star, battery change or even if you ran out of fuel. Even if you are deep down in desert enjoying safari, and out of luck, you found your car stuck, just give us a call and share your coordinates and one of our team will be there for your help.


How can
we help you?

The number of services we offer ranges from simple jump start to vehicle towing, flat tire replacement to junk car removal and much more, few of our popular services are as below:

Roadside Assistance

we provide all kind of road assistance, all you have to do is to call us on 055 6868 299.

Towing Truck Rental

you can hire our towing truck with the driver to instantly tow away your vehicle from any place in Dubai or its suburbs.

Emergency car opening

In case you forgot your keys inside the car and car is locked, we can assist you in unlocking your car.

Jump Start / Battery Replacement

if you car is out of fuel, need replacement of damaged battery or simply need a jumpstart we cover it all

A Battery Replacement
wherever you

we also supply new battery in case your vehicle need battery replacement, so you can be stress free and contact our team for the model and make of your battery and we will deliver it to your door steps.

Call us now!

1Do you provide Car Repair?
We are just a roadside assistance and vehicle towing services provider, but can help or assist you in getting to a good mechanic or garage, but we are not affiliated or connected and hence hold no responsibility in any mechanical repairs
2What are your Minimum Charges?
Our minimum charges are 150DHS and includes the general or minor services on site but each call and query is treated separately and hence the charges are never fixed for services. The final rates are what you get on call from our team.
3How soon i can expect a Recovery Service from you?
our ETA or in general the reach time is around 40 to 50 minutes maximum but you can expect it earlier then that as well.
4After booking your service, what if i cancel the services and go with another company?
If you booked one of our towing truck and the truck already departed to your destination,and you decide to cancel the service or simply found another towing truck then you will be liable to pay us minimum charges of 150DHS.
5Do you provide gasoline or fuel if my car ran out of fuel?
yes we do provide delivery of gasoline, petrol or diesel upon the query of client to make their vehicle running on the road again, and that's our aim, "Not to leave any vehicle stuck in Desert"
6Can i Expect you to deliver my vehicle from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or any other Emirate?
Yes we do cover interstate or inter emirate vehicle towing or delivery service and have special rates if you are exporting your vehicle from one emirate to another.
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